…Books of Change (quickly)

It all started when I decided to write stories and make them available online. It was circa 2002 and Harry Potter Mania was at a fever-pitch. You can read the whole story here. I expected a moderate response at best. Maybe ten or so reviews, if I was lucky.

A lot of people read these stories. More than I ever dreamed of.  One story, A Study In Magic, achieved three million plus hits and received several thousands of reviews. The warm reception left me overwhelmed and humbled. It also got me thinking: maybe I can do this. This writing thing. I do like working hard…

Who This Site is For

For many of us, a good story is one of the few succors that helps us go through life’s troughs. Behind every good story, there was a person who gritted their teeth and soldiered on. I’m very thankful they didn’t give up. My blog is a tribute to them and my attempt to follow their footsteps. My hope is the stories you’ll find here will help you keep your dreams and let you flourish.