I decided to keep the more extensive notes (i.e. author ramblings) here.

Chapter 3:

1. The blue book: Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant. Lucy has the original edition published in 2004. She doesn’t have the expanded edition I read because it was published in January 2015.

2. book with an orange spine: Freakonomics. Again, Lucy has the 2009 first edition. She hasn’t got around to buying the expanded edition.

3. Am I the only one who eye-twitched over Bruce-Natasha when I considered their probable ages? I mean, Bruce was born in 1969, and Natasha approximately 1984. That’s a 15 year difference. Not insurmountable, but still. Ew.

4. All books references in this chapter.

Chapter 4:

  1. Steve’s army back pay: 3.1 million according to this fan calc.
  2. The 530K figure is based on the assumption Steve bought $300 worth a S&P500 fund equivalent in 1937 (as a teen), and let the it grow with dividends automatically reinvested until 2013 (calculator used here). Of course, an S&P500 fund didn’t exist back then, so we can only speculate what Steve bought.
  3. Buying Berkshire Hathaway A shares (BRK.A) in 1970 would’ve been the equivalent of buying Facebook or Amazon after IPO, let’s just say.
  4. The question Natasha teaches Steve is taken from “Never Split the Difference“.
  5. I deleted Lucy’s financial advice scene, but here’s the gist:
    • Lucy: Are you going to keep your Berkshire shares? Not a bad idea.
    • Steve: Not sure. What would you do with it?
    • Lucy: Depends. If I didn’t have to pay any taxes, I’d do what Warren Buffett planned for his wife: sell BKR, buy 90% VTI, 10% BND. Live off the proceeds.
    • Steve: …Who is Warren Buffett, and why are you taking his advice?
  6. The magic in Lucy’s house is reference to my original work: Liars for Magic. Tldr: Lucy really does have an enchanted house…
  7. Reference books for this chapter:

The first 30 seconds of this video should give you an idea of Steve’s net worth. (Hint: think deca-millionaire.)

Chapter 5:

  1. Erik Shin is the main character of in my original fic The Last Wizard. TLDR; he is a wizard who can only do two things: create potions and manipulate memory in all its forms.
  2. kǒu shuǐ jī (口水鸡) “mouthwatering chicken”. A cold Szechuan chicken dish; its odd name is an indication of how delicious it is. You can find the recipe the inspired the scene here.
  3. Cancer conversation: somatic mutation theory of cancer is the one expounded in “Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer“, which covered the latest in cancer research as of 2011 (and the one that would be mainstream when Steve was defrosted). When the cancer atlas failed to reveal mutation pathways, scientists started to explore the environment-induced-Atavism theory as explained in “The Cancer Code” (called paradigm 3.0).
  4. Books referenced and used:
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