What I’m reading now: The Snowman

I’ve been meaning to write another “What I’m Reading Now” post. I have a book I can’t wait to share with you all…

The Snowman
by Jo Nesbø

I’ve heard of Jo Nesbø and noted his works sitting on the “New Release” shelf at the public library. After suffering through a disappointing work by P.D. James, I wanted to read a good crime novel. So I checked out the book the Internet said was one of Nesbø’s best.

WHERE WAS THIS ALL MY LIFE WHY DIDN’T I READ THIS EARLIER?! Or so I flailed about in my room as I swallowed the book in a single afternoon. This is what a crime story is meant to be! (more…)

What I’m Reading Now: Two Fantasies and Particle Physics

“Two Fantasies and Particle Physics” is not the title of a real book, though it should be. You also shouldn’t listen to me because my titles suck.

I read this two months ago. A Biography of Cancer indeed!

I’ve put down 1600 usable words for ASIM, chapter 11. I’m looking forward to typing another 2000 words of John opening a werewolf treatment center in 221C and running the first international clinical trial for transfusion therapy. I giggle when I imagine John and Robert, both surgeons, grumbling about needing to dust off their oncology textbooks because they need a marker that shows the werewolf curse is gone-gone; something akin to the choriogonadotropin hormone levels (hcg) for choriocarcinoma, a cancer of the placenta.

You just never know what will inspire you when you write. The Emperor of All Maladies, case in point. I borrowed it two months ago and spent all my waking hours reading it for five days. Only now I connected choriocarcinoma with werewolf curses. It’s a beautifully written book, by the way. You shouldn’t let the subject or length stop you from reading it.  (more…)