NaNoWriMo Week One, and Books on my Desk

NaNoWriMo Update

As of today, I’ve managed to type 16,800 or so words, 8,000 of them for A Study In Magic. Not the 23,333 words I’m supposed to be at but close enough. I’ve churned 3,500 fully usable yesterday and 1,800 today. I call that a victory.

What about the other 8000 words? Half of them is the for the next story of Memory Chasersmy first original novel. The other half is self-indulgent garbage no one is evil enough to deserve. My interest veers from esoteric to downright geeky. I mean, just look at my November reading stack:


What I’m reading now: The Snowman

I’ve been meaning to write another “What I’m Reading Now” post. I have a book I can’t wait to share with you all…

The Snowman
by Jo Nesbø

I’ve heard of Jo Nesbø and noted his works sitting on the “New Release” shelf at the public library. After suffering through a disappointing work by P.D. James, I wanted to read a good crime novel. So I checked out the book the Internet said was one of Nesbø’s best.

WHERE WAS THIS ALL MY LIFE WHY DIDN’T I READ THIS EARLIER?! Or so I flailed about in my room as I swallowed the book in a single afternoon. This is what a crime story is meant to be! (more…)