If you heard a high-pitched screech echoing from a distance that sounded like “WHAAAA!?” that was me after I finished reading ‘Spirit Dance’.

I found Mr. Douglas Smith via the first book promotion I’ve ever done back in April, and I’ve since been going through his happily large back catalog.  I knew I was in a for a good yarn when I reached the 10% point of Spirit Dance.

It’s terribly difficult to write a review on a novelette without giving away the whole thing, but I’ll do my best:

If a remote Canadian wilderness in autumn could become a living, breathing tale, “Spirit Dance” would be it. Starting with a quiet introduction inside a store, the story gently leads you into a world that has a small, special group of people who are gifted with the ability to shift into a species of animal and command them. “Heroka”, they are called. They are pitted against those who destroy the nature these animals call home: loggers, government agencies, the works. The main character must prevent an old friend from seeking revenge after a truck runs over their fellow Heroka, killing four.

I was so engrossed by the time I read the big confrontation, I forgot “Spirit Dance” was a novelette. When I reached the end, I let out the aforementioned screech: WHHHHAAATTT?! WHERE IS THE REST I WANT THE REST WHY ISN’T THIS A FULL LENGTH NOVEL WHY


Doug has published a novel set 5 years after the events in “Spirit Dance” and, needless to say, I’m going to read that one very soon.

I still wish Spirit Dance was a novel. 🙁


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