Postmortem: A Study In Magic: The Application Chapters 16~21

Chapter 21: Declaring War is up, everyone! And a postmortem, too. It’s been a while since I wrote one of these. This post has been brewing for a while. After chapter 21, I knew I had to write about John.

Characterization and Plot

A lot of readers have trouble picturing John in A Study In Magic. Martin Freeman’s face solidifies our image of Dr. Watson, so no wonder. I didn’t even take the easy route of changing John’s name (side note: my earlier drafts called her Jane). Anyway, the moment I realized ASIM!John is … you know, I refused to proceed until I nailed down the image on paper. Here is the most recent sketch: (more…)

smacking adverbs and other things

Yesterday and the day before, I spent hours cleaning up A Study In Magic. I remember removing a lot of adverbs. Oh boy, so many adverbs. Chamber of Secrets plotline was the worst offender. A literal hundred of adverbs per chapter. I’m pleased to note my later writings doesn’t suffer from a deluge of adverbs. Overuse of certain phrases on the other hand… I’m not sure if its an actual problem, or if I’m noticing them because they stick out. I’m tempted to write a program that analyzes a document of word/phrase use distribution, its scatter and whether it is sparse. (more…)