Taking Care of the Mind Through Exercise

I’ve been wearing my Responsible Adult hat these past two weeks. Doing work-related training, hours of IT maintenance over the weekend (because you never want to do them during business hours…), and filing paperwork for income taxes is enough to leave anyone exhausted.

If it were up to me, I’d spend my prime hours daydreaming, roaming forests, or doing interesting things.

this looks like a good idea

Despite all this, I still squeezed some reading and writing! I entered another writing contest on wattpad (#BattleTheBeast). The last chapter of Clause for Women, Children, and Infirm got written and posted. I managed to borrow Captain America: Civil War from the library (score!), and now I will spend an evening watching (drinking lots of water… I heard this is necessary). I want to keep this up. But how?

Persistence of Frost and Memory, Part 3

Persistence of Frost and Memory (3 of 3)

An original story by booksofchange

Genre: modern fairytale

Summary: Yesterday, Jean found Michael up in a tree. The day before, she caught him floating after the helium balloon he let go to the open sky. Today, she found him covered in frost.

A short tale of a woman who finds out her extra-legally adopted son might be the personification of winter.

Links: Part One, Part Two, Part Three (also: wattpad) (more…)