phew. writing is hard when time is at a premium

A Study In Magic chapter thirteen, Secrets Unsaid, is up! 

I challenged myself to finish writing the whole chapter in a week. I managed … barely. 1250-1300 words a day, in a span of an hour, but not writing on weekends seems to be my sweet spot. I tend not to write on weekends as they are my reading days. I get depressed when I don’t read at least a book or two per week.  It also lets me distance myself from the ugly first draft(s), and construct a cleaner chapter.

Characterization and Plot

I returned to the subject of Romance. Specifically, Harry’s romance or the continued lack thereof. I’ve read more romances than I ever thought capable to prepare for this moment. So, of course, I had to write it from the most unobservant person’s perspective: Ron. Because it’s hilarious.

I miss writing humor. ASIM is only going to get grimmer and darker, and that doesn’t make me want to write. Chapter thirteen isn’t a funny one, but it was from Ron’s POV and he is the light-hearted of the bunch. So, more motivation to get me churn out the words.

Fun aside, it got me to add much-needed tension. Ron feels torn between who he thinks Harry might be interested in versus his sister, Ginny, who he knows is interested in Harry.  Then there’s the tension from all things unsaid. ASIM!Harry can be gregarious but very private. He gets it from his mother 🙂

For the Next Chapter

Two words: Felix Felicis. 

This is going to be so much fun.


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