Severus Snape; the most intriguing character of HP

Snape POV is back in A Study In Magic! High time, too. I missed writing from his perspective. I’ve read it somewhere Snape is one of the best characters J.K. Rowling created. I agree. I don’t like him; if I ever met him in Real Life™, I’d find him too similar to me and hate his guts. But as a character, he is the most interesting.

That said, it’s odd to write about werewolves from Snape’s perspective.

There are so many things I wish to cover for A Study In Magic. Werewolves weren’t one of them, actually, but my fondness for Remus Lupin steered the plot that way. And the more I thought about Lupin and his struggle over Lycanthropy, the more interesting turns did my thoughts take.

Werewolf Curse and the AIDS epidemic

Remus Lupin. The HP character I’m most fond of

It’s hard not to draw parallels between the werewolf curse and the AIDS epidemic. They are both blood-borne diseases. They erode the victim’s health, their social standing, and their other relationships, leaving them marginalized. Cures are unavailable or else only manage symptoms. JKR stated Lupin is a metaphor of those infected with HIV or suffer disabilities through no fault of their own. As such, I figure it will take socially and politically charged incident for the curse shed its shackles as taboo and become a movement.

A highly publicized attack on a werewolf free clinic, followed by the Ministry of Magic and Magical Institutes of Heath’s inevitable (and understandable) effort to regulate the administration of the cure, would do the trick.

The next chapter of ASIM is full powerful emotions, something I’m not very good at (feelings! Too many feelings! Noooo!). I feel depleted just writing a couple of paragraphs. Sometimes, I have to take a moment to not cry as I imagine some parent, child, or lover not understand why their loved one is being denied of what sounds like a simple cure. Take these examples:

“The Ministry is f*** up! The MIH is f*** up!”

“Cures into bodies! Cures into bodies!”

“Those who got turned into werewolves don’t have time to wait!”

The above alone cost me -900 emotion points. How am I going to write a whole chapter of these?!

What about Important Canon?

By the end of his third year, Canon!Harry got to learn what could’ve happened to Snape at the Whomping Willow during a full moon. In contrast, I had not the opportunity to even mention the Whomping Willow incident in A Study In Magic.

I have a policy of: “if scene x doesn’t a) construct or resolve two different plot threads and/or b) serve as an important character establishing moment, it shouldn’t enter the story”. The Whomping Willow Incident, where Snape almost got bitten by a transformed Lupin, was a traumatic episode to Snape. It also says a lot of things about young!Sirius’s character. It also brings up James Potter, whom ASIM!Harry has ambivalent feelings towards. There’s a lot potential in here and I loathe to not cover it.

It doesn’t, however, move ASIM’s plot forward.

Yet. If I find another plot thread I can tie it to, I won’t snipped it. We shall see.


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