smacking adverbs and other things

Yesterday and the day before, I spent hours cleaning up A Study In Magic. I remember removing a lot of adverbs. Oh boy, so many adverbs. Chamber of Secrets plotline was the worst offender. A literal hundred of adverbs per chapter. I’m pleased to note my later writings doesn’t suffer from a deluge of adverbs. Overuse of certain phrases on the other hand… I’m not sure if its an actual problem, or if I’m noticing them because they stick out. I’m tempted to write a program that analyzes a document of word/phrase use distribution, its scatter and whether it is sparse. (more…)

NaNoWriMo Last days

It’s a wrap! I’m more than halfway done with the last chapter of A Study In Magic that I’d planned to write for NaNoWriMo.

In a span of 28 days, I’ve written 36,400 words for A Study In Magic, the Application. This translates to eight chapters, with an average chapter about 4,550 words. These include the hardest, most heartrending scenes I ever wrote. The werewolf activism chapter has nothing over these. I cried harder writing them, definitely. (more…)

NaNoWriMo Week One, and Books on my Desk

NaNoWriMo Update

As of today, I’ve managed to type 16,800 or so words, 8,000 of them for A Study In Magic. Not the 23,333 words I’m supposed to be at but close enough. I’ve churned 3,500 fully usable yesterday and 1,800 today. I call that a victory.

What about the other 8000 words? Half of them is the for the next story of Memory Chasersmy first original novel. The other half is self-indulgent garbage no one is evil enough to deserve. My interest veers from esoteric to downright geeky. I mean, just look at my November reading stack: