Winning Writing Contests

My short story, Persistence of Frost and Memory, is a #wintercontest2016 winner! I’m so chuffed. Persistence is the first piece of original writing I’ve ever published for the Internet to see and ridicule.

It’s on the blog and Wattpad. Since Wattpad requires you to have an account, and the blog is not exactly the friendliest for reading chaptered stories, I’m looking into creating a kindle and/or epub file. At least, a PDF, as much I don’t like them. I’ve downloaded scrivener and will play around with it soon. (I like their 30 days of free use policy. It’s not based on the calendar days, in other words. The days I don’t use don’t count! Yay!)

Now speaking of writing…

The Martian Enters A Study of Magic, the Application

model of BOC in natural habitat

It’s official. I’m obsessed with the Martian.  I’ve read the ebook five times and watched the movie four times (at home, at 1.25 speed; I’m a frugal person). I’m reading fanfic, studying orbital dynamics via research papers, and looking up all the health problems Mark Watney will need to overcome post-rescue.

This is why I can’t like things. My life is a series of one obsession after another.

And lo! Since I’m also working on the next chapter of A Study in Magic, the Application at a blistering speed of 200 words per day (curse you, job!), I can’t help but imagine Harry and Julia gushing and nerding over the Martian. Because they would. Hermione would understand the plot and context, but not get their nerding. Ron and Neville won’t get it, full stop.

Robert and Jacqueline, who will introduce Julia to the Martian, will build a magical spaceship in their backyard. They may or may not call it Hermes. EAV suits will be constructed (with Magic). A Hab will be modeled (with Magic). Their future children — there will be at most one — will be surrounded by so much nerdiness. Harry will spoil their child rotten and set up play dates for Benedict as soon as he gets his license to Apparate. Julia will embrace Aunt-hood, also, and the two will take Neville with them.

I need help.



Adelle · 2017-03-24 at 5:27 pm

Congratulations on “Persistence of Frost and Memory”! You did a wonderful job on it.


    booksofchange · 2017-03-24 at 7:49 pm

    Thank you!

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