I Write To Finish

Note To Self: if you have the option of taking a day off after a night of foolish writing, take it.

About two weeks ago, I updated A Study In Magic: The Application. A year and six months had passed since I last updated the story, and I was nervous. Will the old readers remember the story? Will they ignore the update notification? Is the new chapter good and readable?

I updated at an ungodly hour in the morning. Fool that I am, I stayed up all night putting the final touches on the new chapter. That was bad enough, but I was also shaking off a cold that struck me down flat three days prior. God alone knows how I got to the office without causing an accident. Needless to say, I showed to work looking and feeling like death warmed up and microwaved in a plastic bowl. (more…)

When Writing a Story is Hard…

There are times when I rue the day I decided to write a sequel to A Study In Magic. If only I stopped where I did. If only I didn’t make any promises. If only, if only, if only…

Writing A Study in Magic: The Application is hard. Over this past year, I tried to figure out why. I had a master list of required scenes and events. I had an ending. The characters knew the drill and told me what needed to happen, not the other way around. A good sign of character development, I knew. I just had to write it all out. So why so difficult? (more…)

Turning Fanfiction to a Book

After I signed up for NaNoWriMo, I ruminated over what kind of novel should I write. One option I considered was turning a fanfic into an original story. That got me thinking: what if I turned a fanfic to an original story and published it?

It’s been done before. Fifty Shades of Grey is probably the most well-known example. I know of two other fanfic writers who rewrote their fanfic and self-published them as original novels. They’re not as well known as the story I’ve mentioned, but both authors have solid reputations as good writers. I’ve purchased You Buy Bones, a Canon!Sherlock Holmes fanfic turned published book, because I loved the fanfic so much. A brief Internet search produced more examples:

Seeing as it’s been done before, I asked myself the question: What would the effort of turning a fanfiction to a book entail? (more…)